What makes a Curator, these creatives who have the imagination, inspiration and energy to create the networks and fabric that come together to make the ‘Show’? In this Forum we will explore these characteristics and find some of the most intriguing and experimental, some of the most outstanding or perhaps some of the hidden figures behind some of our most exciting Exhibitions, Collections and Shows across our FabrianoInAcquarello network of over 80 Countries. We will explore the successes, the challenges and the tears they have experienced. You will be able to participate in this Forum with comments and ideas, as well as ask questions of us as we go. If we don’t have the answers, we will pose these to our Curators, to bring you inspiration and motivation as we listen to their stories. The purpose of this Forum is to help us all grow in our local communities to gather together other creatives and create opportunities to share your artwork and energy – we hope the insights a

An Introduction To - Artist and Curator - Sergey Temerev

2013 Exhibition Sergey Temerev Part 1 | Sergey, a few words from you re your start in the Arts .......... I started my artistic way early enough: at seven years old, simultaneously with secondary school, I began going to the "House of pioneers and schoolchildren" which existed in the artistic circle and then went to study at the "City Art school" in the city of my childhood. After graduation from the eighth class of the secondary school, I faced questions about my life-way choice. At that time, a Sea and a sailor's way attracted me with the same force then Art. Up to that time, I already had a little practice on the small ships, and I did a seriously overviewing of the learning institutions for a seaman career. But, suddenly, the high forces strangely judged this case. My vision sharpness went down to a level that didn't allow become a navigator but allowed study as an artist. In 1978 I entered the Secondary Art School named after Boris Loganson, attached to

Our 1st Reveal of The Curators Behind Our Exhibitions - Who Are They | How Do They Create?

We are now only 2 weeks away from the launch of our  FabrianoInAcquarello - Watercolour Symposium - 2022 so we thought it timely to introduce you to some of the Country Leaders who work side by side with FabrianoInAcquarello - Curator Anna Massinissa to bring together Artists from over 80 Countries to Exhibit and share through Workshops and Demonstrations at this iconic 10 day Symposium - which Anna has Curated in the town of Fabriano Italy for the past 13 years! Working with Anna Massinissa to be part of this annual  FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy Symposium is a real honour, the standard that Anna has set for this Symposium is high, Country Leaders and Curators are asked to source and share, to bring the talent and skills of their country Artists to the fore for this Symposium. Many Leaders are well equipped to manage this selection process as they are Curators who create, produce and manage large Events, including  Watercolour Exhibitions in their own right, in their Country of origi

Let me introduce you to our Team - we look forward to opening our Forum - Focus on Curators to your discussions and questions!

We Look forward to sharing some discussions and insights into the ‘World of Curators’ and the roles they play in our lives over the next few months - we will look to bring you some insights from around the globe - hopefully some unusual Curators and their Festivals and Art Collaborations as well as some more well know and established Curators. We will look forward to hearing your questions and enjoying your thoughts as part of this process .... if you have any immediate questions, or would like to let us know about someone who you respect and admire as a Curator of an Art Show or Festival or get together - please list them here for us as we organise ourselves! Let me introduce you to our Team | George Politis Country:  Greece  - Role:  Continental admin George Politis paints in watercolours and lives in Thessaloniki in Greece. He works in several media, but he prefers watercolor for its transparent and luminous results. He also likes to paint miniature artworks. President of the Artist